Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We Made It.

Written By: Kiley

Well, we arrived safe and sound last night in Quito, Ecuador. A friend of ours, Malory Hendrickson, from Luther, is living in Quito so we are staying with her and her boyfriend. Our flight landed later than expected because there was a lot of fog, which is pretty regular in Quito. By the time we got out to the car with our bags and everything it was almost midnight. After arriving to their apartment it was time for bed, but it was hard for Maria and me to get to sleep because there were so many emotions of excitement and uncertainty! However, it was a great feeling to wake up in Ecuador once again (for me)! We were ready this morning to take on the city and so far so good. Our bellies are full from a good lunch and our cameras are collecting photos. I will let Maria explain the day more from her perspective as a first time visitor to Quito. To me, it is simply a part of Ecuador, and it feels so good to be back to a home away from home.

All for now,

Did we have any flight troubles? No.
Do we have all our luggage? Yes.
Do I have my cell phone up and running? Yes. My NEW number, 011 593 98 979 611
Parents, do you have to worry? No, all is well and we feel safe. ;)

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