Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quito day 1

SPit up by: maria
Well, I almost began to write in spanish. not because i wanted to. oh, no. Im frazzled with the pressure to find the words. i think i was scowling too much at the blank screen to get started and so in that time realized- hey, i can write in english. beyond that. past kileys superb patience sprinkled with bouts of chuckles as i embarrass myself. 3 as long as you keep your mouth shut, theres nothing to be embarrassed about. ya know? 3 I QUOTE.

so far, ive learned
1)to watch both where im going- traffic, people, DIRECTION - and the sidewalk. be it dog poop or potholes, quitos got plenty and i think im getting better
2) walk with grace. that kind of goes with 1), but its more for the impression you give to others. no more midwest or even american courtesy. a women slides through a crowd in stilletos. ( i have boots )
3) dont yell in english or get excited. dilute my outward curiousity and emotions. save it for the journal. ive already been laughed at simply for opening my eyes and mouth too wide to point at a purty church. and this bystander wasnt just letting out a chortle. she held her aching sides and she scarfed down a fried desert.

day one. climbed to the top of the basilica. picture to come!
where no one with vertigo could follow...


  1. You must have been frazzled - what with all the spelling goofs.


    I'm glad u guys got there safe:)

  2. Hi Ladies!
    I wasn't going to comment on the spelling, but since Cookie was entertaining. When Mark and I traveled to Argentina, the guide book told us to look out for the "ubiquitous dog poop" and you've confirmed that it truly is everywhere - from Argentina to Ecuador and beyond!
    Have a great time - estoy cellosa!

  3. Hey Amy! I´m glad to see you are following us! -Kiley