Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A rumble...

As we begin the preliminary planning stages for our dear trippy dip, it is clear this thing is going to happen. There is far too much imminent glory around the idea for it to sour. The pisco will not remain unquenched from those sweet distant nights south of the equator 2 years ago... South America, you can try'n feed us all the amoba-infested fishy deliciousness you like, we're coming back with a vengeance and, at least for me, a newly-adopted vegetarian

So our plans, right. Kiley and I are on Christmas vacation now. We've been number crunching and it looks like this: Fly into Panama ($380), cross the border to South America-Columbia, to Brazil, Bolivia, and then soar back on up to Cuenca (Ecuador). From Ecuador, we'll bee-bop back to the States (~$700) If we have exact dates soon, a multi-city plane ticket would total $586 on student universe. However, if we are to switch the departure date, this could potentially cost another $400 so we're doing all we can NOW. With this all down, we can color in the lines with time. HOT DAMN! (what is the etomology of that saying?) Might I say here that Kiley did most of the number crunching... She's doing a great job so why not let her keep it up!? (Thanks, Ki)

Deciding factors:
-Will maria get a job this summer?
-Will Becky Bowman join us in Panama?
-Will Julian the German guy meet us in Brazil?
-Will it be possible to drive a motorcycle across borders? (eh, wishful)
-Extra costs: will we have the money even for this shoestring?
-How long can we legally be there?

Things to think about:
Counchsurfing. Travel Guides. Hostels. National Parks. Purchasing good gear. Volunteer opportunities. Taking a Quechua language course while in Ecuador. Grad school. Books to bring. Loans to pay off and interest accrueing. Friends left behind. Finding zenes. How will I get music down there? How much technology do I actually NEED? Fulbright. A doggy dog companion?

Followers Beware

You have just entered the cyber-world of Kiley Marie Rose and Maria N. Carr. No more lost scraps of ideas as long as we never forget how to use a computer. This blog is intended to record the adventures of these two fine women as they go south, deep south. Posts are all for their own benefit. Written to remember, written to supplicate mothers for world peace. Bye-bye, home-home.